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Atlantic Outdoors can build a structure to withstand the elements, allow for outdoor cooking and dining, and add an extra room to your house!

10x10 Wood Pavilion in Smyrna, DE — Kent County

If you’re looking for quality a horse barn builder for your beloved equine, Atlantic Outdoors is your perfect solution! You may choose to have a large run-in or overhang area that provides sun and weather protection for your new barn. As a leading horse barn builder and contractor, our barns incorporate the latest design and technology for horse and human comfort and convenience. Atlantic Outdoors designs each horse barn to be a home for your beloved equine. Share your wish list and our staff can discuss additional options to your plans, such as electrical or water, manure handling, ventilation, and floor covering.

Both standard and customizable sizes available
Our highly specialized small crew keeps cost down but quality high
Coverage areas include entire Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions

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